Sunday Wave

This monthly Sunday evening class in Brighton is an opportunity for regular DoA practice. It's both for people who are new to DoA, and for our long-time supporters and graduates to deepen their practice.

We'll be starting with a warm-up and opening circle, followed by a Wave following the DoA cycle of sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing, and finally a closing circle to share and integrate.

We will be introducing some of the themes underlying DoA, and offering some structures to help explore them, but largely this is an opportunity to let the music take you through the experience of coming into the world through your body, and moving together in a supportive group.


The group is facilitated by Tim Brown (Body Psychotherapist) and Clare Osbond (Dance Movement Psychotherapist). This class is open to all adults, regardless of previous movement experience. If you want to discuss anything, call Tim or Clare on 01273 271408 or email

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