Guidance for clients attending groups: Covid 19 protocol


If you have been assessed as clinically extremely vulnerable (this has a specific meaning in official guidance), please do not come to our workshops at this time. We cannot guarantee complete safety – there is a risk in working together and we ask you to consider the risk to yourself and others before deciding to join a group. If you develop any virus-related symptoms that you suspect might be COVID 19 symptoms, let us know immediately. You can cancel a session for this reason at any time, and receive a refund.


We will cancel sessions if we, or any client who has visited the building, develops virus-related or COVID symptoms. If either of us does contract the virus we’ll endeavour to let you know immediately. We would also be obliged to inform the NHS of people we've been in contact with. In this case, we may need to share your name and contact details, although not the context in which we know you. You may be contacted by the NHS as a result. 

The nature of the work requires facial expressions to be visible, so we will be working without a face covering, although you’re welcome to wear one on arrival and departure, and during breaks between sessions.


From 17th May we will apply the following guidelines:


We will:

Create 2 metre distance between participants whilst seated.

Maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance at all other times.

Clean the session room, including the floor and door handles after each session.

Ventilate the session room after each session.

Clean the WC, including the toilet, washbasin, other surfaces and door handles after each session.

Provide hand gel and bactericidal handwash in the toilet, plus disposable paper towels.

Provide hot drinks on request in allocated cups.

Send out an email to all participants to request they complete a screening questionnaire and submit before arrival at BSET premises.

Remind you of the social distancing requirements if we feel they may be breached.


We ask clients to:

Not attend if they suspect Covid-19 symptoms.

On booking, to read and familiarise themselves with this protocol.

Respect the 1 metre distance at all times.

Request all participants to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands on entering BSET premises.

Bring, and take away, any tissues and drinks you might need.

Minimise the amount of clothing and other belongings you bring with you.

During any breaks, keep at least 2 metres apart from others, and use outside areas if weather permits.

During sessions:

Will sit in a circle, side by side with at least 2 metre separation.

Anyone moving will do so inside the circle, with at least 1 metre separation from witnesses and any other mover.

No more than 2 people moving at any one time.

During feedback in dyads or triads, participants will either sit side-by-side 1 metre apart or back-to-back.

Participants will be allocated cushions for individual use (or bring your own if you prefer).

We will update these guidelines in line with official guidance as it develops. From 21st June we expect all restrictions to be lifted. However, if there are still requirements to maintain social distancing, we will respect these.