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​​Deep Bodywork and the Dance of Awareness (2009)
Tim's original article on the DoA framework

Embodied experiences: an investigation into catharsis and staying-with (2010)
Clare's MA dissertation

Dance of Awareness in Theory and Practice (2012) 
More detailed paper on the psychoanalytic and developmental theory behind DoA and its application in practice

Body Psychotherapy – a short guide to the art and science of Bodylistening (2012)
Tim's article on the Bodylistening approach

Dance of Awareness: Evolving a ‘Free-Form’ approach to exploring early developmental patterns in a group setting (2016)

A published paper describing development of Free/Form from the DoA model.

From the Journal of Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy, Vol 11 Issues 2-3

Exploring Character through Movement (2018)

Clare's paper on character structure in DoA. From the ADMP journal E-Motion.

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