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Dance your dance!

A Dance of Awareness afternoon workshop

 - with Clare Osbond, Sunday 14th July 2024, 2pm - 5.45pm


Come and dance your dance! Come and dance your true nature! A safe and nourishing space for you to find your dance, free your energy, connect with yourself and with others.


What is my dance? What does that mean? We come into the world and we take shape. And as we take shape, we find our dance. The dance of what has gone before as well as the dance of what has yet to come - that which is still unfolding within us. The dance of what is still hidden and the dance of what has already been revealed. The dance of who I am. The dance of who I think I am. The dance of not knowing who I am. The dance of how I want to be seen. The dance when your dance becomes my dance.


It is as embodied beings that we discover the dance. It is through awareness that we discover the dance. It is through the dance that we come to know ourselves. And it is through the dance that we come to know others.


An early developmental phase is that of separation-individuation - this is the dance or interplay that goes on between our desire for separateness or autonomy versus that of connection with others. As the child grows and develops they want to assert their independence ('this is me'). But this comes at a price – of giving up their dependency (on mum) and going it alone. We can see this conflict as two positions at opposite ends of a continuum; independence at one end and dependency at the other end. At one end is the 'dance of independence' - I dance my own dance. At the other end is the 'dance of dependency' - I merge with or follow the other. As we dance with each other, so we find ourselves moving on the continuum between these two positions. As we do, we find the 'dance between' where we mutually influence each other. This is the dance of mutual recognition.


My dance. Your dance. And the potential of being part of a wider dance. Our dance.


After a warm-up, we will have an opening circle, followed by a Wave as we go through the DoA cycle of sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing, and finally a closing circle. There will be opportunities for sharing throughout the afternoon.


We begin the journey in Sensing - that is developing awareness of simply 'being' in a body. As we drop into a deeper connection with self, we nourish what may have become lost or forgotten. We give permission to express ourselves in all that we are and in whatever way we chose. We find ways of letting go of some of what may be holding us back in our lives and of being fully present. We celebrate our individuality and our connection. And we integrate any new or recovered aspects of ourselves into consciousness.

Let the music take you through the experience of exploring your early embodiment through dance, movement and awareness. At times you will be free to move on your own, and at others there will be some gentle guidance into simple body awareness exercises and movement processes. You will be invited to stay with awareness and follow your innate body wisdom.


Workshop Details

Location: The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton BN2 3PF

Date: Sunday 14th July 2024


Time: 14.00 - 17.45

Please arrive between 13.45 and 14.00

There will be a short tea-break mid-afternoon. Tea / coffee etc will be provided.

If you require a hot drink at other times (including on arrival), please bring a thermos as drinks in cups/glasses are not allowed in the studio.


Cost: £55 or £45 if booked by 30th June. Our cancellation policy can be found here.

To book: Please pay by bank transfer (email for bank details). On booking you will receive a booking confirmation. No previous Dance of Awareness experience is required

If you want to discuss anything by phone, please email Clare to arrange a time to call.

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