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This is what we are:
Welcome to the Brighton School for Embodied Therapy. We offer a range of groups, workshops, trainings and individual psychotherapy with a body-centred focus. Our key influences are:

  • Body Psychotherapy

  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy

  • Authentic Movement

  • Body Process Work

  • Somatic Trauma Work

  • Embodied-Relational Therapy

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

  • Somatic Experiencing

This is what we do:
Brighton School for Embodied Therapy
Dance of Awareness

Dance of Awareness™ (DoA) is a new approach to working with movement, dance and awareness, developed by Tim Brown and Clare Osbond. It has five main streams of influence: Neo-Reichian body-centred psychotherapy; Five Rhythms dance; Authentic Movement; Dance Movement Psychotherapy; and the experiential exploration of Awareness itself. It is a group process that explores our early developmental experiences through a cycle of movement.




Free / Form

Free / Form grew out of Dance of Awareness and works with the same developmental focus and movement cycle.  Here we work without music in a small closed group setting. 



We offer training and workshops in Body Psychotherapy. The Bodylistening programme offers a model for therapists and practitioners who want to work more directly with the body. Influences include Embodied Relational Therapy, Bioenergetics, Process-oriented Psychology, and Gestalt. It can involve working with body energy through breath, movement and dialogue. Where appropriate, we include Deep Bodywork - direct hands-on contact with the body.



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