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Womens' Authentic Movement peer group
An afternoon of moving … and being moved …

Saturdays 2pm - 5pm:  6th October 2018; 3rd November 2018; 15th December 2018

This is a peer led group and so is free of charge. Experience of the Authentic Movement form with a recognized teacher is necessary as there will be no teaching.

Please contact Clare if you would like to come, either by email or telephone: 01273 271408.

I long to be seen by you and I am afraid to be seen by you. I long to see myself more clearly. Can I bear to see myself, feel myself, know myself? Mostly my body moves without me yet I am risking to actually move in your presence. I need you to see me more clearly first so that I can then see myself. It is the grace of clear, silent awareness for which I long.

Janet Adler

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