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Sense into Space

A one day Dance of Awareness workshop - with Tim Brown & Clare Osbond

Saturday 8th February 2020, 11am - 5.30pm

Dance of Awareness workshops are a profound exploration of what it is to be in a body, to move from inner awareness and outer connectedness. The DoA cycle – sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing – is based on psychoanalytic theory and developmental psychology. It allows us to revisit our early body history, to celebrate the embodied patterns that make us unique, and discover new ways of being who we are. As we move and breathe together, we open more fully to self-awareness and a wider consciousness of our place in the world.

Sense into Space? We sense the world through our bodies – an inner world and an outer world. As we pay attention to the sensations within, we discover the energy, impulses, limitations, freedoms, pains and pleasures which move us. As we sense into the space beyond us, these sensations take form as we take shape. Moving into the world, we express something of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. Moving from sense into space, we discover more about ourselves as embodied beings and our potential to become part of a wider dance.

Whether you’re new to Dance of Awareness, or part of our regular moving community, these workshops are an opportunity to spend a whole day exploring the DoA cycle. Give your body the chance to take you on a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery.


We will move together through a Dance of Awareness cycle which gives space for integrating early movement patterns into consciousness. We encourage breath and body awareness as a resource to staying present with whatever is happening here and now. You will be encouraged at all times to be 'in tune' with yourself, and be guided by your own body wisdom.

The structure of the workshop will facilitate contact with our deeper levels of experience. We will do this by connecting to ourselves, expressing who we really are, releasing what is holding us back in being ourselves, and integrating new or recovered aspects of ourselves. We will work both on our own and with supporting and being supported by others.

Workshop Details

Time: 11am - 5.30pm. (Please arrive between 10.45am and 11am).

Place: The Brighton Waldorf School, Roedean Rd, Brighton BN2 5RA

Price:  £70

To book:  Please pay by bank transfer (email for bank details). On booking you will receive a booking confirmation.

These workshops are open to all adults, regardless of previous movement experience. If you want to discuss anything, call Tim or Clare on 01273 271408 or email us.

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