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Dance of Awareness CPD day

A CPD day for DoA graduates.


Sunday 13th October 2019 11am – 6pm


After the success of our last two CPD days and the enthusiasm shown by all those who came, we are now going to be running these CPD days on a regular basis. The format will be similar in that most of the day will be spent exploring in depth the different phases of the DoA cycle - first with an experiential, then by reflecting and sharing your experience with the group, followed by some key theoretical points from us. We will also have an in-depth session to address general questions on group facilitation, including some DoA supervision.

This day is for all DoA graduates who are:

  • already a DoA practitioner, running regular classes or one-off workshops;

  • thinking of becoming a DoA practitioner;

  • finding a way of incorporating the DoA cycle into your existing employment practice;

  • running or thinking of running dance/movement groups using your own work developed out of, and in response to, the DoA training.


We are delighted that there are now so many groups being offered by other practitioners. This will be another excellent opportunity for networking, for sharing ideas and experience, and generally reconnecting with the DoA energy.

Open to all graduates of the DoA training. Email us to book a place.

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