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Dance and Distancing

A one day Dance of Awareness workshop
- with Tim Brown and Clare Osbond
Saturday 19th November 2022, 11am - 5.30pm

For 18 years Dance of Awareness workshops have provided a joyful and exciting exploration of what it is to be in a body, to move from inner awareness and outer connectedness. Through the DoA cycle – sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing – we welcome the body memories of our formative years into consciousness. The cycle allows us to revisit our early body history, to celebrate the embodied patterns that make us unique, and discover new ways of being who we are. As we move and breathe together, we open more fully to self-awareness and a wider consciousness of our place in the world.


Dance and Distancing. Our life story is one of individuating into our own selves, whilst staying in connection with the world around us. A constant pulse of withdrawing into separation, and opening to connection. We enter the world relying on a responsive caregiver to meet our needs. Initially there is a dialogue or dance between mother and infant, with a shared sense of unity. We become increasingly autonomous and independent as we find our identity.  We learn to trust and attune to the other through non-verbal cues - eye contact, facial and vocal expression, touch, holding and movement. This is how we begin the journey of regulation, interaction and reciprocal communication.

Our habits, preferences and patterns are established in early childhood. However, we are now adults. We can make choices and have preferences. On the dancefloor we ask how much contact is safe, how close can I be - and how much do I take my own space, keep my distance? What do I reveal, what do I keep to myself? How responsive am I to the other? And how responsive is the other to me? This workshop uses the Dance of Awareness developmental cycle to embody the practice of relatedness. We will use tools to explore this, such as positioning ourselves in relation to the other. Such as creating, maintaining and dissolving boundaries. It’s an exploration in movement, in awareness, in real time. 


Whether you’re new to Dance of Awareness, or part of our regular moving community, these workshops are an opportunity to spend a whole day of immersion in the DoA cycle. We move together, mixing structured process with free-flowing expression, individual self-exploration with pair and group exploration. Give your body the chance to take you on a journey of self-awareness and discovery.

Workshop Details

Location: The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton, BN2 3PF

Date: Saturday 19th November 2022


Time: 11am - 5.30pm. (Please arrive between 10.45am and 11.00am)

Cost:  £75. Our cancellation policy can be found here

To book:  Please pay by bank transfer (email for bank details). On booking you will receive a booking confirmation.

Covid-19: please read our Covid-19 protocol before booking.

These workshops are open to all adults, regardless of previous movement experience. They also form part of the Dance of Awareness training: click here for details.  If you want to discuss anything by phone, please email to arrange a time to call one of us.

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