Mind the Gap

“Social distancing” has brought a new focus on the Gap – between ourselves and others, between our hopes and fears, between fantasy and reality. As I encounter myself and the other in the space between fixed boundaries and free expression, I may become more mindful of the presence of gaps in my life. When do I encounter distance and separation, where do I experience contact and connection?


Mind the Gap is a psychotherapy and personal development support group. It is a new adaptation of the Free/Form structure, responding to the need for a safe space where movement can still be explored. We will use the familiar format of opening circle, movement phase, integration circle.  Within this structure a maximum of two people will be moving at any time, the rest will be witnessing from the edge of the space. Together we create a boundary which supports an 'opening' within the container of the circle. Together we give our body the opportunity to tell its own story; in its own way; at its own pace.


Mind the Gap draws on the discipline of Authentic Movement to give space for people to move individually, or to explore moving in relationship with another, and then to receive feedback from witnessing participants. This apparently simple structure, giving attention to the sensations, movements, emotions and images which arise in the circle, can allow deep material to surface in surprising ways.   


Mind the Gap is facilitated by two body psychotherapists, Tim Brown and Clare Osbond. It is a development of Free/Form, a unique way of working with the mind/body that has been tested experientially by us over many groups during the last six years. We have published a paper on Free/Form in the Journal of Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. Authentic Movement is a discipline with its own language and rituals, which aims to create a safe container for the exploration of consciousness. It has roots in Jungian psychology and dance movement therapy. The ‘ground form’ of AM is simple - we explore ourselves in relationship using a mix of talking, moving, and giving and receiving feedback.

We plan to run the following groups subject to current Government guidelines, which currently allow for support groups of six participants plus facilitators. Further information about our safety protocol is available here. Please read this before booking as we require you to comply fully for the safety of yourself and others. Please ask now if you are concerned. We are taking bookings now. If the group is not able to go ahead, we will of course refund your booking in full.

Mind the Gap - weekend workshops

These will be a group of six people, with the aim of having the weekend together to explore the work in depth. Each weekend can be booked separately.



1st / 2nd May 2021, 10.30am - 5pm (both days)

5th / 6th June, 10.30am - 5pm (both days)

10th / 11th July, 10.30am - 5pm (both days)

Where: BSET studio, 12 Silverdale Road, Hove, BN3 6FE.

Cost: £150 (or £130 earlybird if booked up to a week before, eg 16th January for the January group).

To book: Please pay by bank transfer (email for bank details). On booking you will receive a booking confirmation. If we haven't worked with you before, one of us will need to have a chat with you first before taking your booking - either in person here at our BSET studio, or by phone.

Covid 19: If either of us suspects we have or may be developing Covid 19 symtoms we will cancel the group and refund you. If you suspect you have or may be developing Covid 19 symptoms, then please don’t attend and we will refund you.

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