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Moving Stories

A Dance of Awareness group (with music) for women - with Clare Osbond

Sunday 1st Sept, 27th October 2019;  2.30pm - 5pm (...dates can be booked separately, more dates to follow)

Moving Stories is a new Sunday afternoon group for women that will run periodically throughout the year. The intention is to create a group of women that will meet regularly to tell their stories through words and movement, although each group can be booked individually. So it is anticipated there will be a mix of women; some who are new to the group and some who have done a previous group(s). We will begin with an opening circle where you will be invited to check-in with others. We will end with a half-hour closing circle where you will be invited to share your experience with others if you feel moved to do so. In between we will dance/move through the Dance of Awareness cycle.

Moving Stories is a dance/movement therapy group to move with and through your story. What is your story? Well, we start off with what we know. We start with what you come along with - what is occupying your thoughts, taking your attention at the moment. And then we give our bodies the opportunity to tell their story at their own pace and in their own way. How does the body tell its story? In much the same way, it tells of what is already there, what is presenting itself in the moment. The body already knows... of what is on the move, of what is stuck, of what wants to be seen, to be recognized, and of what wants to hide. As we uncover the new and rediscover the familiar, as we repeat patterns, as we take shape or follow our flow - we may not know of the story or its meaning, we simply stay with the paradox of the body knowing and the mind not-knowing. And then we come back in a circle, to a place where the mind can begin to make sense of the movement experience. We sit, we talk, we stay silent, we reflect... together. We notice how our stories shift, repeat, or stay fixed. As we weave together our own individual stories, they may inter-weave with each others stories.

​​Group: Each group will be limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 women.

Time: 2.30pm - 5pm (please arrive between 2.15pm and 2.30pm)

Place: Brighton School for Embodied Therapy, Hove, BN3 6FE.

Price:  £20 (only by booking in advance)

To book:  complete the Contact form or email me. I will send you the BACS details to make the payment. On booking you will receive a booking confirmation.

These workshops are open to all women, regardless of previous movement experience. If you want to discuss anything, call Clare on 01273 271408 or email her.

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